22 LED Lights Touch Screen Makeup Mirror 1X 10X

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16 Led Lights Black
16 Led Lights White
10X White Part
22Led Lights Black
10X Black Part
22 Led Lights White
Product description


  • Can stand in a flat position
  • Use battery Or USB cable
  • The material used is not easy to damage
  • Unlimited gear touch screen intelligent switch
  • Open can be stopped at various angles to use
  • Full range of illumination without dead angle
  • 16 LED lights or 22 LED lights, can adjust the brightness. In a dark place can clearly reflect your appearance
  • Easy to operate a powerful switch, the ability to adapt to different light, different light environment. Can find the light intensity that you need in touch screen intelligent switch

Installing the batteries:

  • Remove the battery cover on the back of the mirror
  • Insert 4 x AA batteries in the direction indicated inside the battery compartment
  • Be sure to insert the battery correctly ( +/ -)
  • Replace the battery cover

Instructions for use:

  • To turn on, move the switch on the back of the mirror to ON
  • Firmly press the circle on the front of the mirror, the lights will be illuminated
  • Press and hold the circle to reduce the light intensity
  • Press the circle again to turn the lights off
  • When not in use, move the switch on the back of the mirror to OFF
  • This will save standby power consumption

Package includes:(optional on the choices)

  • 1 x Makeup Mirror
  • ​1 x USB Cable