Mirror LED Alarm Clock

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Product description

Display: Time (24), Calendar (MM/DD), Temperature (C/F), Alarm (ON/OFF) ; Real bigger flat mirror screen,bold typeface,clear and comfortable visual sense technology, make sure you can see exactly the time without troubling sleep.

Smart Night Light: 18 warm white leds. It's very to use with the Smart Night Light,touch sensitive control,can be used as a night light so that you do not need to worry stumble in the dark.

Multifunctional mirror: It acts as a mirror and alarm clock and night light. Allows you to make up such as eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, as well as tweezing unwanted hairs.

Dimming Function: You can adjust the brightness according to your needs. Can be used as a bedside night light, The Blue numbers will magically show up on the mirror surface, make your life easy and fashion.

USB rechargeable: USB cable charging, the clock need to be fully charged when firstly used (when fully charged,the Red charging indicater light will turn to Green)


How to setup:

How to Setup The Date & Time

1.Press "SET" for 3 seconds then the "Year" will flash, press "Up" or "Down" to set the year.

2.When you finish setting the year, then press "SET" to set the month.

3.And then the "Hour" will flash, press "Up" and "Down" to set the hour.

4.When you finish setting the hour, then press "SET" to set the minute.

5.To save the setting, you should press "SET" when you finish the time setting.


How to Setup the Alarm Clock

1.After setting the Date & Time, press "SET" to set the "Alarm" display. It flashes and press the "SET" again, and then set the alarm time. You can set 3 different time at the same time.

2.You should see the alarm display clearly, maybe you don't want it rings on the weekends. So you can control it by setting the alarm mode.


How To Turn off the Alarm

You need to reset the status of the alarm clock. Just let it show the pattern described in the direction.


How to Seup Brightness

Long press "up" for 3 seconds or press the lower right corner to change the brightness. You can choose the appropriate brightness according to the light.



1.It can set 3 alarm time every time.

2.The sound lasts for one minute every time, but you can turn it off by pressing any button.

3.When the screen flashes endlessly, it means that the built-in battery power is insufficient. You'd better to charge it and make sure not to power off

4.Use the battery replacement with wrong model may result in some explosion hazard.


Product Specifications:

Material: Glass+ABS

Product size: 5.4"x5.4"x1.5"

Product weight: 400g

Actual weight: 230g

Input: DC5V 500mA


Package Included:

1 x Alarm clock

1 x Rechargeable cable