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Sack of Flowers, Love Me, Organic, Dried Flower Bouquet

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Product description

Love Me Sack of Flowers—This organic bouquet features real dried flowers, with the delightful scent of lavender and eucalyptus as the foundation.

With no watering required, each bouquet is carefully prepared with cut, naturally dried flowers that retain their beauty and charm. Say goodbye to the need for a vase, as our eco-friendly design eliminates plastic and plant foam. Instead, each sack is filled with renewable earthy sources and pebbles to provide stability, while Spanish moss adds a touch of style.

The Love Me Sack of Flowers includes lavender, eucalyptus, and an accent flower of your choice, ensuring a unique and personalized arrangement. Packaged in a flower box, each bouquet is beautifully presented, ready to be given as a heartfelt gift or displayed in your own home.

Experience the love and warmth encapsulated in our thoughtfully crafted Love Me Sack of Flowers. Let the natural beauty and soothing fragrance of these dried blooms bring joy and serenity to your space. Embrace an eco-friendly and stylish floral arrangement that speaks volumes of affection.