Stylish Picture Frame

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Product description

Our astonishing tabletop picture frame is a reflection of a unique lifestyle at home. The handcrafted making process gives each frame simplicity and a singularly stylish element that brings light to any space.

This artwork appreciates those precious moments of life and captures with elegance the memories that inspire people to admire the occasions that brought happiness.

Display those moments that deserve to be remembered with a minimalistic, artistic frame to your favorite space.

CRAFTSMANSHIP. Each piece is made at a time using expertly processed recycled aluminum alloy finishing with multi-step polishing creating a piece of artwork with a balance of functionality and modern design.

ECO-FRIENDLY. A sustainable product made of recycled aluminum which process that helps reduce energy usage during the making while decreasing landfill waste.

MINIMALIST DESIGN. Simplicity, clean lines, monochromatic accent, and contemporary styling make this picture frame an essential piece for modern decor.  

Elevate your space with sleek sensibility.

Orientation: Vertical or horizontal, includes a wood holder per image.

Photo protector material: Glass.

Frame dimensions: 8.6in x 6.7in

Photo dimensions: 6.5in x 4.5in

Weight: 1.8 lbs.